Ignite your Spirit Therapist

Shanti Mission Teacher

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*Please note she typically sees clients one-two weekends per month


    Victoria Bensussan


Svaha is a Spiritual Teacher and Ignite Your Spirit Therapist with Shanti Mission. At a very young age she was innately aware of the energy body and that she could use it to affect change. She has honed her healing skills and transformed her life with the tools that are taught in the Path of Ease and Grace. She is honored and blessed to assist others in transforming their lives through teaching and/or healings. With her intuition and clear knowing she is able to gently assist her clients to open up and access the Divine in a way that resonates with their heart and to heal the parts of themselves that are ready. Svaha’s goal is to assist her client’s to become empowered peacemakers in their own lives. She has been on a journey of self-discovery and is ready to share her wisdom to help ignite the spirit within you. She serves the community with Sunday morning Abishekeim, weekly meditation and Satsang in CT. She loves to connect with her clients either in person or via Skype.