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Karuna Reiki II Practitioner

IET-Integrated Energy Master/Teacher

Magnified Healing Practitioner 

Shamanic Practitioner

Crystal dreaming Practitioner

Crystal Healing Practitioner 

Angel Intuitive


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Cheryl Markey

"Durga Ma"

Cheryl is teacher/practitioner working with several types of energy healing modalities. While dedicating her life as a gentle and loving mother and grandmother, she has always been drawn to the unknown. She started onto her path of spiritual development around 2008. Throughout this work she notice that she connected deeply to the angelic realm. She found wonder in just knowing that these beautiful beings surround us in our everyday life. Angels as well as other light beings are often called in during her healing sessions.

While the angels capture her heart, her passion also lies in the exploration of nature, most specifically trees and crystals. The gentle strength, love, and connection to these natural elements flows softly and seamlessly into her healings. She believes that if you listen with the fullness of your heart you can hear them whisper to you.  

Cheryl often goes by her spiritual name, Durga Ma.  Durga is a Hindu deity that embodies the energy of the protective loving mother and through whom the knowledge of spiritual healing flows.  Cheryl  brings that fierce loving energy of Durga into her teachings and healings as well.   

Cheryl also has her own practice – Whispering Heart LLC.