Reiki Certification Classes

Reiki I Certification with Sierra

This class is the introductory level class for Reiki. The purpose of this class for self-healing and learning how to feel energy in the body. You will learn the history of Reiki, the hand positions, how to conduct treatments and you will receive the Reiki I attunement. 

In addition to the basic information typically included in a Reiki I class, you will learn what is and how to create sacred space and how to ensure you and your client are protected from any unwanted negative energy. 

Plenty of time will be given to practice the techniques and to answer questions after the attunement. You will leave more relaxed, feeling a deeper connection with your inner being, and with a wonderful healing energy to provide healing for yourself, and your family and friends.

The class runs usually about 5-6 hours including a break for lunch. Tea, beverages and light snacks provided, bring your own lunch. Class size is limited. You will receive a detailed information folder with specific class notes and a certificate certifying completion of Reiki level I.

The fee for the class is $150. I do recommend (but do not require) a complete Reiki treatment and second attunement about one month after the class. If you choose to do this second step, the total fee will be $200.

Reiki II Certification with Sierra

This class is the intermediate level, or practitioner level class. The purpose of this class is to gain a deeper level of understanding of the energies of the body and enhance the Reiki channels to provide the individual a greater ability to perform Reiki healing sessions on others. You will learn the three level II Reiki symbols, techniques on how to strengthen your Reiki sessions, Byosen scanning and beaming techniques, laws and ethics that apply to Reiki and developing your own Reiki practice. This class offers plenty of time to practice working with the energy of the symbols, how to feel the subtle differences between the symbols and how they affect those you are treating. You will also learn additional methods of how to clear and protect your energy field.

The class runs usually about 5-6 hours including a break for lunch. Tea, beverages and light snacks provided, bring your own lunch. Class size is limited. You will receive a Reiki level II manual and a professional certificate certifying completion of Reiki level II.

The fee for the class is $250. I do recommend (but do not require) a complete Reiki treatment and second attunement about one month after the class. If you choose to do this second step, the total fee will be $300. 

Please see calendar page for class schedule. If you do not see one that meets your needs please send an email to us and we will schedule a class to suit you!

Reiki Master/Teacher Certification with sierra

The Reiki Master program is an intense twelve week course of study that takes you on a journey of personal exploration and transformation. This course provides the attunements and knowledge to become an accomplished Reiki Master with all necessary skills to teach all levels of Usui Reiki, including the Master level. I designed this course in a way to ensure that those who receive Reiki Masters Certification with me can truly feel confident in their education and skills, so they feel ready to offer Reiki in a professional setting. Much more information and practical training is offered in this course than other traditional classes, such as how to raise your vibration, methods of purification, setting sacred space, protecting your own energy field (and your clients), all aspects of starting, maintaining and
advertising for your own business. There is a large focus on supervised practice as well as case studies and homework, both are requirements to receive

The fee for the class is a pre-pay of $1000 (that is less than $100 per class!) Or choose to pay weekly at $120. Price includes an enormous binder of class information, William Rand Reiki Master manual, and a professional sealed certificate suitable for framing. 

Reiki for Kids with sierra

Reiki is an ancient method of natural healing that strengthens and balances the body, mind, and spirit.  Reiki is channeled by the laying of hands over the energy centers of the body, allowing your body to achieve a level of deep relaxation that promotes healing within yourself.  With their natural curiosity, loving hearts and exuberance for life, children learn Reiki quickly and find it a useful fun tool they can use to support their growth into adulthood. In this workshop children will learn about Reiki healing in a fun and playful setting through storytelling, art, and interactive play.

Practicing Reiki offers a calming and soothing experience that promotes relaxation and confidence for the child. Learning these techniques at a young age promotes a healthy way of living throughout their adult lives, helping them make better choices and create balance.

Benefits for Reiki Children and Teens:
* Decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression
* Improves concentration, improving test scores
* Enhances relaxation and sleep
* Calms and promotes balance
* Enhances self awareness and self esteem
* Promotes faster healing and recovery times of physical injuries or illness
*Offers sense of empowerment and independence
*Fosters compassion and acceptance towards others

All children will receive a Reiki I attunement and learn all age appropriate teachings around how to use the Reiki for self healing and for simple healing of family and pets. Each child will receive a certificate and reiki manual. Parents are present throughout the course and encouraged to participate and ask questions.

$50 per child (Parents must stay with child for this class)

Animal Reiki Certification with sierra & Theresa

The Animal Reiki Certification is perfect for people who wish to use Reiki to bring healing and comfort for their animal companions and those who are ready to incorporate animal healing as part of their professional healing practice . You will develop in your intuition and animal communication skills and you will learn specialized techniques that offer enormous increase in the successful outcomes in your healings. There will be a large focus on supervised practice with a comprehensive variety of different animal species. Day one will include lecture and practice time on special animal guests at the center. Day two will include a field trip to Rowanwood Farm in Newtown to allow for a wider range of species in our available in this program. 

Topics included in this course:

  • How Reiki with animals differs from Reiki with people

  • How to share Reiki with animals both on and off the body

  • How to allow an animal to determine his or her own preferences in a Reiki session

  • Tips and tools for sharing Reiki with different species

  • How to structure an animal Reiki session

  • Ethics and safety when sharing Reiki with animals

  • Extensive hands-on practice sharing Reiki with animals: Incl. every species of domestic pets, and assortment of livestock, and wildlife

  • Animal chakras and Reiki

  • Reiki to support terminally ill and end-of-life transitions

  • Using Reiki to connect with animals in the spirit world

  • How to incorporate sacred sound and mantra for healing

  • Receive energy activations for animal healing

  • Clearing meditations to help you gain confidence and clarity as an animal healer

Prerequisite: Reiki Level I


For Sat: Please bring a snack (and lunch if you prefer not to go out) for saturday. Dress comfortably. Bring notebook and pen. 
For sun: You MUST bring a bag lunch (sorry no fridge). Wear appropriate clothing for weather and shoes appropriate for mud on the farm. You might want double layer of socks if it is cold. Bring notebook and pen. 

Advanced Animal Reiki Certification with SIerra & Theresa

The Advanced Animal Reiki Certification is perfect for people who wish to go deeper in their understanding of the usage of the Reiki Symbols for animal healing. 

Topics included in this course: 
• Using the Reiki symbols with animals
• Sharing both hands-on and distant Reiki with animals
• Using Reiki to heal past trauma
• Learn the sounds of the Reiki symbols and how to use them for animal healing

Prerequisite: Reiki Level II, Animal Reiki

$ 85.00

About the Teachers: 
Sierra North has extensive animal experience in a myriad of animal careers and healing, including: 
• Over 10 years as a companion animal veterinary technician
• Over 10 years as a wildlife technician at a federally permitted wildlife sanctuary
• Over 15 years experience in dog training, including competitive dog sports
• Over 15 years experience in Reiki healing for animals and animal communication
• Over 10 years experience as a Reiki Master/Teacher

Theresa Jankowski is a gifted animal healing practitioner and brings a wide variety of healing techniques to this course. Her qualifications include: 
• Reiki Master/Teacher
• Certified Hypnotherapist
• Extensive knowledge in crystal healing
• SARA (shelter animal Reiki association) Certified 



Well, its taken me a while to write this review. I feel its because there's a certain challenge to express in words the nature or experience of being touched so deeply by another person. Sierra remains a wise and precious soul. She is the embodiment of grace, thoughtfulness and a gentle warrior. She exudes compassion, integrity and confidence in her healing power. Overall and most dear to my heart she has become a wonderful friend. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to have both observed and learned from her in a myriad of ways over the years. Her Reiki Plus Masters class was phenomenal. My early education in Reiki I and II felt extremely diluted in comparison, lacking a certain depth and honor of this incredible healing modality. Over a three month period Sierra shared her own experiences with Reiki with our group and assisted us in connecting with our own inner strength, gifts and spiritual guides. We reviewed and renewed Reiki I and II. We had the opportunity to ask loads of questions and even more time to practice all of the wonderfully structured theory that was neatly presented to us week by week. We tapped into the healing power of crystals during the class, learned a bit about space clearing, keeping our own energy bodies pure and clear and how to hold space for others. We discussed starting and maintaining our own practices and thoroughly prepared ourselves on all levels to share the sacred art of Reiki with our own future students. We received personal and group support during any emotional or physical processes that arose during the course and had so much hands on experience passing attunements that I could probably pass them in my sleep. Sierra creates and holds a beautiful space of genuine trust, humor and joy. I'm so grateful to have been her student and highly recommend her as a spiritual teacher to anyone interested in transforming their inner and outer world. 
                                                               -Gina Q

"Sierra North’s Reiki Master class wasn’t just amazing, it was absolutely life changing.  She not only helps reiki practitioners expand their knowledge and level of energy healing, but she also ensures her students have a very solid foundation on how to stay clear and work on themselves in the process.  The class feels more like an apprenticeship, which at the end of the day, not only benefited my greatly, but my clients did as well."  -Christine B

"I had absolute confidence in Sierra as a teacher and mentor.  Her open minded perception of all questions and her ability to treat all students and situations with respect and fairness.  I have acquired tremendous knowledge, experience, and confidence in my reiki practice and in broader energetics as well. It was exactly what I needed." -Peggy B., 2017

“The class was comprehensive with an abundance of information including website addresses. The class format was well designed; class in the morning and practice in the afternoon. This allowed us to practice the technique, strengthening our knowledge because we could feel what it was like to do the task.

I really didn't feel like there was a particular subject that wasn't covered well.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a reiki master. I have learned to overcome my personal obstacles, grow, and change with grace and ease. I have gained important life skills that I will use for the rest my life and will teach others for the betterment of themselves. Couldn't be more grateful and blessed.”-Cheryl M., 2017

“The 12 week Reiki Master/Teacher Class was challenging, educating, inspiring and amazing! Sierra has structured the class to support the student's learning throughout and encourages questions. Time for hands on practice. Cool practical information! It really is much you put into the class is how much you get out of the class. Sierra is an outstanding teacher and this class has many layers. I would HIGHLY recommend this class!!! I have grown and changed in so many positive ways since taking this class. Thank you!” -Lori S.