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  Sierra North

"Radhe Sierra"

Sierra North is an Ignite your Spirit Therapist,  Shamanic Practitioner /Teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. She has a B.A. in Psychology from St. Bonaventure University. Sierra is an accomplished practitioner of core shamanism techniques and her deep devotion and respect for all the nature spirits and divine mother flows into her healings. 

Sierra's healings are a exceptional blend of power and gentleness, compassion and beauty.  She takes her clients to the deepest parts of themselves for transformational healing to take place on the most central core wounds of their soul.  Her clear intuition and insight navigates her easily through the world of spirit and energy to effect change in the lives of her clients.  

Sierra is a disciple of Sri Guru Shakti Durga, an Australian guru who founded Shanti Mission, a spiritual school and organization dedicated to creating peace on earth. Sierra completed an intense 2 year-long study program and including a profound spiritual pilgrimage in Nepal with Shanti Mission. The Buddhism and Hinduism flavors found in this mission flow into Sierra’s healings through her devotion. She is among the first certified Ignite your Spirit Therapists in the United States. This is a no touch healing modality that works through the chakra system to effect mental, emotional, and physical well being.

Sierra is a Master Crystal Healer with extensive crystal training. In 2016 Sierra completed the Alchemy of Stones training with renowned crystal healer and teacher Robert Simmons. In 2015 Sierra completed training as a Crystal Dreaming Practitioner from Raym (Australian Crystal Master/Shaman and Founder of Crystal Dreaming). In 2016 She become one of less than 15 advanced practitioners in the county. In 2017 Sierra became one of the first three licensed Crystal Dreaming Teachers in the US and one of the first ten globally.

Her soul purpose is creating awareness of our deep ancient connection with our Mother Earth by awakening compassion in our hearts for all beings. She assists us along this journey by strengthening our connection with animal and nature spirits and shares the knowledge of the ancient shamanic traditions to allow us to recognize the rhythms of the heartbeat of all beings.


I came to Sierra with several ongoing mental, emotional and physical issues I was hoping to heal. I had tried dozens of doctors, multiple medications, hypnosis, and anything else imaginable to try to feel better.. finally someone recommended Sierra. I wish I had known about her from the beginning! She has provided me so much support and healing, and as a result I am completely off all medications for the first time in over 10 years (I was once on 4+ meds at any given time). Because of the healing I have received from Sierra I no longer need medication to make me feel better, which is an absolute miracle.

I now see Sierra regularly to continue healing and becoming even better than I could have imaged. I have seen immediate and significant mental, physical and emotional results. (As an example, I no longer have menstrual camps!)

Sierra is an amazing person, brought to the earth to heal others. She does so in a comforting, loving, and supportive way. The Muktinath Center is a welcoming place for all to come and better themselves! 

-Abby H. 2018

“The healings I have received from Sierra North have made a tremendous difference.  It is amazing to me that without saying anything, the healing alway hits upon exactly what I need!  Things have come up that I needed to release and it has led to other releases which has made a big difference in how I see life.  With all the personal things that have been happening recently, I have felt very insecure and afraid, which is not my usual self. I guess with all the spiritual and reiki work I have been trying to do, layers needed to come off and these healings made them come off much more easily and helped me move more along my path.

I am actually disappointed that the seven sessions are now over!  I want to keep working on things so that I can follow my path.

The healings have also helped my two pets.  I can see them being more comfortable and they seem happier.  My cat is no longer afraid of strangers like she used to be! And my new puppy’s training is coming along.

I would recommend these healings to everyone.  We all have things that burden us and keep us from our paths - this is wonderful, comfortable, easy way to get beyond that and become our true selves!

Theresa J., 2013