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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a proven healing technique for reducing physical pain, blood pressure,  anxiety and depression, and releases feel-good serotonin and   endorphins to help you relax and have a more peaceful and happy state of mind. At Muktinath you are treated by our licensed massage therapists in our beautiful and serene healing rooms. Unlike discount chain massage centers, our practitioners are highly trained and experienced professionals. You are never rushed andyour massage is tailored to meet your unique needs.

At Muktinath we customize your massage to meet YOUR individual needs. Sometimes the body needs more or less pressure and sometimes needs to be supported with heat or gentle stretching. This can change from massage to massage so we no longer have higher costs for different styles of massage. Here you can get the type of massage that works best for YOU!

Below are descriptions of traditional types of massage or services that can be applied in your massage that you may request in your session or your therapist may offer:

Relaxation or Swedish Massage

A light to medium pressured massage meant to calm and elongate the muscles in your body through slow, meaningful, long strokes affecting the fascia, superficial and intermediate muscles. It also kneads and milks the tissues to improve the body’s circulation and encourage the release of toxinsHelps relax stress related tension, calms the mind and re-invigorates the body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Depending on the client’s tolerance or desire, it is a combination of light, medium and deep pressures. It works on the deepest layers of the body to promote optimal homeostasis, address troublesome areas, and help relieve muscles of discomfort, overstress, tightness, and long-term abuse.

Note: There are a lot of common misconceptions about what a deep tissue massage is.  To clarify, a deep tissue massage is meant to address the deepest layer of tissue within in the body. This is achieved by first softening and relaxing your superficial and intermediate layers of tissue in order to be able to work through them and massage the deeper layers. It is not a massage consisting of constant deep pressure. 

Sports Massage

A typically a medium pressured massage incorporating rhythmic or sustained compressions, passive stretching, deep tissue and/or trigger point massage. It addresses the specific areas in your body that get worn and torn by exercise or daily activities by helping prevent injury and address any underlying concerns. Compressions are either sedating or stimulating and help to release holding patterns and tense muscles. Passive stretching manipulates and opens joints to help release tightness in the surrounding musculature, encourages muscles to lengthen, improves areas of decreased range of motion and increases flexibility.

Trigger Point Massage

A direct pressured massage that caters to specific troublesome areas within the body. It focuses on the release of knots and the loosening up of the affected muscle. As well as, relieving any afflicted surrounding muscles that could have been protecting or overcompensating for the targeted muscle.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is the use of warmed stones that are placed on the body and used to massage the body.  The stones used are typically river rocks or other very smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt. Hot stone massages provide an even deeper relaxation and pain reduction to fatigued and sore muscles. It promotes reduction of tension and anxiety and improves circulation. Please be aware pregnant women and people with high blood pressure are advised to avoid this type of massage therapy.

Pre-Natal Massage

A must for any pregnant woman. Our therapists are certified in Pre-natal massage so you can rest assured you and your baby are being well cared for. We have special accommodations to give pregnant moms as much comfort as possible during the massage. It is so important for moms to me to take the time to relax and soothe thier tired stretched and over-worked muscles.

& More

At Muktinath your body's individual needs guides your therapist in the best ways to personalize your massage. If you would like please ask our therapist's if any of the following techniques would be appropriate for YOUR body (no additional charge):

Ice Therapy

Great for sore muscles, muscle conditions that cause inflammation, or painful knots. It consists of using bits of ice, rubbed over a specific area for 30 to 60 seconds at a time to prevent inflammation, disengage nerve-endings and relax the muscle. Helps with applying deep pressure, working on sensitive areas, prolonging work in specific areas and entering into the deepest layer of muscle.

Heat Therapy

Used within many of our sessions through either hot towels, heated table-warmers, heating pads or heated oil. It allows the body to relax, increase circulation, loosen up dense fascia (the tissue connecting your muscles to one another), increase the mobility of muscles and to decrease time spent to manually warm-up focus areas for an overall more high quality massage.


It is well-known that essential oils relieve the body from a wide-variety of ailments. Often these same ailments can be addressed through massage, so let’s take it a step further and give yourself a double-whammy of relief and use both!

Each essential oil has its own array of purposes and benefits, so find one or two that speak you or just smell really good and we will add them in the session just for you.