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Tarot Reader


Valerie Thomas

My Grandmother first told me about my Great, Great Aunt Mamie Letts and her gift for reading the cards when I was just a child. She told me that ”people came from all over Pennsylvania” to have Mamie read the cards for them and told me stories of how she had helped family members with problems and even predicted my father’s career in radio when he was still a little boy. I was instantly fascinated and wondered if I too could I learn to read for people?

I gave my first reading when I was eighteen. It was accurate, but I realized that to be a really good reader, I had some living and studying to do first!

In the forty-three years since giving my first reading, I have worked hard to expand my spiritual vocabulary and my psychic abilities.

Although I was raised Protestant, I converted to Buddhism at age forty. I studied and practiced one-on-one for five years with two Lamas in the Tibetan BuddhistNyingma School, and for two years with a Chinese“Pure-Land” Buddhist monk, which has given me a solid grounding in the Buddhist teachings and in daily meditation for the past twenty years.. I am honored to currently be taking teachings in Native American spirituality from a Lakota Tribal Elder, a respected “Grandmother”.

I seek constantly to enhance and strengthen my

connection with God/Spirit/Great Mystery.

I look forward to meeting you!