Reiki Master/Teacher

Karuna Reiki II Practitioner

Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

Pranic Healer

Certified Hypnotherapist

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Theresa Jankowski

"Sri Devi"

Theresa’s spiritual training path began in Oceanside, CA with the Church of Earth and Sky in 1993. Graduating from the Clairvoyant program, Theresa is trained to read auras, work with healing guides, intuitively read chakras, and perform house clearings.

In 2011, a personal health event lead Theresa to investigate the healing power of Reiki. In 2012, Theresa’s beloved bulldog Harley was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In an effort to help Harley, she contacted Shaman Sierra North and witnessed firsthand the difference Reiki made for Harley.  At that moment, Theresa decided to honor Harley’s life by becoming a Reiki Master and helping people and their pets.

Practicing Reiki since 2013, Theresa combines various healing modalities into a Reiki session. Reading each chakra, information flows through for the greatest benefit of the client. It is not unusual for past loved ones or spiritual guides to make themselves known in a session. Theresa also incorporates her love of crystals into every session. Enhancing healing, the crystals allow the client to go deeper into relaxation and thereby experience both physical and spiritual healing.

Theresa’s practice works with both people and all types of animals. The unique healing relationship between animals and humans greatly benefits from the energy balancing effects of Reiki and crystals.

Just having finished up hypnotherapy training and certification, Theresa now combines this methodology from a spiritual perspective, offering another proven method of achieving healing. Continuing to pursue further training, Theresa began Shamanic training in 2014, and will be incorporating these techniques when she is ready.