Practitioner: Valerie Thomas
30 min $60
60 min $100


Tarot is a sacred tool that enables us to find our way more sure-footedly on our path, helping us to “connect the dots’ in our lives and make sense of our journey. A Tarot reading may not always “predict the future” the way Tarot is often portrayed in movies and on TV..simply because it does not always serve our learning and growth to know “what is going to happen” ahead of time. Life is made up of our choices..learning to make good ones and gaining wisdom from poor ones is part of the journey.

Each life, however, does have an overall template, with salient events that are
predetermined before birth, events which will best serve that soul on it’s journey to
wholeness. Within that framework, we have our free will and can accept or decline
lessons as we progress along our life path.

What a Tarot reading can do is help a person to recognize patterns, both beneficial and detrimental.. and give insight into life’s complexities. It can reveal for a person
something they have always known deep in their heart, but may not yet have the
courage to express. It can alert them to a significant “landmark” coming up, or to the potential outcome of a series of events already in motion.