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Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist


500hr Yoga Teacher Certification

Mediation Specialist

Reiki Master/Teacher & Animal Reiki Certified

Karuna Reiki II Practitioner

IET-Integrated Energy Level I

Shamanic Practitioner

Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

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Susan McDuffie, LMFT

My philosophy: I believe that we all have the potential for growth and have the right to live our lives to the fullest.  Many of us only live at a fraction of our potential and sometimes never even get past surviving day to day.  We all deserve to thrive in life, to wake up each day eager to experience what is in front of us. If you are living with anything less than that, then you owe it to yourself to utilize the resources available to you and begin your own journey of self-exploration and personal growth. My personal belief is that all of my clients are individuals who have the capacity to live the life that they want, they just need to better understand the dynamics, both internal and external, that surround them and how they affect their day to day.  Coming to know who you truly are as an individual will allow you to have better boundaries and therefore experience greater intimacy. Only when we know ourselves well enough can we then share ourselves fully with another. Taking care of yourself is the greatest gift that you not only give to yourself but to all the people in your life. A healthy, happy you will radiate health and happiness to everyone around you. Once we become healthy individuals, the systems we live in will also begin to grow in a more healthy way as well.