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Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki I Practitioner

Myofacial Release Therapist


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Stefanie Besson

Stephanie received her Connecticut State License in Clinical Massage Therapy in 2005 from The Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. Prior to that, she received her BS from the University of Connecticut in Exercise Science/Fitness  Management in 1999. After being a Personal Fitness Trainer for several years, she embraced the desire to work with people on more of an emotional level.

Some of her other notable experience includes being a Physical Therapy Aid and volunteer in Hospice and Nursing homes, providing simple comfort to residents. 

Stephanie is stepping back into doing her work as a Massage Therapist after a four year break to raise her son and help her mother pass comfortably and in a dignified manner at home in 2014. “I am very excited to be back at my professional passion again. It gives me great pleasure and purpose when I am able to assist people in feeling good in their bodies and offer this work to the world”. 

Stephanie's Philosophy

The body has a profound ability to heal itself. The practitioners role is to remind and support individuals in their own ability to heal. What is going on, on an emotional and soul level determines where we are with our health. We can only heal, when we ourselves are ready to on all levels.

The same modalities can help one person and not another with the same ailments or help a person at one point in their life and not at another point. Stephanie supports a holistic approach, being open to all health care options, as being most beneficial in achieving optimal health and wellness.