Retreat will include:

  • Activate Higher Consciousness

  • Shamanic Journey and Meditation

  • Sacred Ceremony

  • Healing through Sacred Mantra and Song

  • Exploration of life path and purpose

  • Powerful connection with the Earth

  • Teachings on universal consciousness

  • Access higher self and merge with the Soul

  • Experience Bliss and Transcendence

  • Visits to numerous sacred sites in Sedona

  • Hiking, shopping, bonding and MORE!



  • Arrival: Between 4-6pm on Thurs Sept 12th.

  • Retreat Starts: 6pm on Thurs Sept 12th.

  • Retreat will close the evening of Sun Sept 15th.

  • Depart: By 10am Mon Sept 16th.

Check out Facebook for more photos of the beautiful place we will be staying!

Retreat Itinerary, What to Bring and More Details TBA!


After you are registered we will send you the flights Sierra and Theresa will be taking. Sierra will be arriving in Sedona on the 10th. Theresa will be arriving on the 12th. We will both be flying out on the 16th but likely different flights. IF there is space available in our rental cars we are happy to give you a lift to and from Sedona/airport. This will be first come first serve. Sierra will be staying at a different rental property for the 10th and 11th. It sleeps up to 6. It is a spiritual center and we can provide you with more details if you are interested. If there is space you are welcome to join but you must pay your own part of car rental and property rental for those two days.

Sierra’s Flights:

Sep 10, 2019 - Departure Nonstop Total travel time: 5 h 19
JFK  6:55am Terminal 8PHX  9:14am  Terminal 4 American Airlines  1487

Sep 16, 2019 - Return Nonstop Total travel time: 4 h 58
PHX  9:50pm Terminal 4JFK  5:48am +1 day  Terminal 8(Arrives on Sep 17, 2019) American Airlines  1280

Sedona Retreat led by Sierra North & Theresa JankowSki

Thurs Sept 12th - Mon Sept 16th

Discover the Sacred within you as we merge into unity with one of the most sacred sites in the world. Rediscover your own inner beauty, light and power as you meditate and transcend into the higher realms of consciousness. Connect with the Truths beyond our physical form and explore the vastness of the Soul.


Total Retreat Cost is ONLY $925!

$200 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your space

Housing, food, retreat activities and programing and transportation (only during the retreat) are included in retreat cost.

Flight and transportation to retreat house in Sedona are not included.

Limited to 8 participants so Register Quickly!!!! Please note we will not consider your spot saved unless we receive the deposit. If you prefer you can also call the center directly to make your payment. 203-518-5808.

Please include room preference on registration. You can see your room choices on facebook post!

Payment Schedule:

  • $200 Deposit Now

  • $300 Due May 1st

  • $200 Due Jul 1st

  • $225 Due Aug 1st

  • $150 extra for private (2 person shared/one queen bed) cottage due by May 1st

Room/Sleeping Options:

Please note all queen and king beds will be SHARED. Pick your bedmate. We won’t choose for you unless no other options. First come first served for bed choices. We will mark available/unavailable below.

Bedroom 1 (Downstairs):

King Bed Available

Twin Bed Reserved

Twin Trundle Available

Bedroom 2 (Upstairs):

King Bed 1 spot taken


Twin Bed Reserved

Twin Bed Reserved

Guest House (Mother-in-Law Suite)

Queen Bed (Add on cost $150) Available