Regular Classes & Events

Please note all classes and events REQUIRE registration (exception of meditation/satsang/abhishekam). Registration does not guarantee your space for classes and events with limited registration (clearly marked). You will be notified if you are placed on the waitlist for any event. No level of training or ability is required for any of our classes, unless specifically noted.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen if appropriate. We do not have yoga mats available so if desired please bring one. Plenty of blankets and pillows available for your comfort.  Shoes are not allowed inside the center so you may wish to bring socks or slippers. Please refrain from wearing any perfumes or strongly scented products for the comfort of all (some community members have allergies). The center is run by appointment/classes so the door may not be open until 10-15 min before a class or appointment. In the case of inclement weather (or any other reason) any decisions to cancel will be posted on our facebook pages and you will be notified via email. We hope you enjoy all of our wonderful programs! 

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Flower Puja

  • 9:00am - 9:15am
  • Heartfelt Donation

This is a rich devotional practice in which a statue of a deity is bathed in flowers. A deity is a form of the Divine. The Divine is infinite and pervades everything, including us! Yet often, we are not able to see the Divine in ourselves, or in the immediate world around us, because of conditioning. By offering our devotion to the Divine as it is found in the deity we are bathing, we start to remember the Divine is everywhere. As we honor the Divine in the form we can see before us, we are also remembering, honoring and awakening the Divine within our hearts.
Offered by Svaha and Shanti Mission Community
 (no need to Pre-register-Please check our Facebook Page for any weather cancellations)

Suggested Donation $20



  • 9:30am - 11:00am
  • Suggested Donation:$20

Satsangs are wonderful spiritual and community gatherings of like-minded people.  The word 'Satsang' is a Sanskrit word meaning company (sanga) of truth (sat).  Satsangs with Shanti Mission Healers are filled with music, mantra, meditation, spiritual instruction/discourse and spiritual blessings (a form of powerful energetic healing) to help you reset, recharge and get ready for the week ahead.

Facilitator: Sierra, Svaha, Manjushri (rotates)
    (No need to Pre-Register-Please check our Facebook Page for any weather cancellations)

Suggested Donation $20


 Sun April 15th: Savitur Dhanvantre

See more details on our events page!



Satsang for Kids

  • First Sunday every month
  • 9:30-10:30am
  • Heartfelt Donation

Due to popular demand we will now offer a special satsang for children.  Kids will get to learn about core values in a fun experiential way.  It will include meditation, music, activities, exercise and play. 

This is not a drop off program.  Parents are welcome to stay and participate in the fun or join us in our adult satsang at the same time.

Offered by Heartfelt Donation

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  • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
  • Suggested Donation:$20

Experience bliss, peace, joy and deep healing.
This is not your traditional silent or guided meditation class. This meditation WILL bring change into your life.  It is meant to transform you, healing the chakras through the release of long-held negative thoughts and beliefs, stagnant emotions, and discordant vibrations.  It is an ACTIVE style meditation that often includes chanting, music, and requires your active participation.  All faiths and cultures are welcomed.

This style of meditation comes from Shakti Durga. Shakti Durga is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office based in Australia. The not-for-profit charity operates a wide-variety of projects and programs with the sole aim of creating an age of peace on earth: inner peace and peace between people.

Facilitator: Sierra, Svaha, Manjushri (rotates)
(No need to Pre-register-Please check our Facebook Page for any weather cancellations)


 Wed April 18th: Savitur Dhanvantre

See more details on our events page!


Reiki Share

  • SECOND THURSDAY every month
  • 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Suggested Donation:$15
  • 2018 DATES:  Apr 12th, May 10th, June 14th, Jul 12th, Aug 16th, Sept 13th, Oct 11th, Nov 15th, Dec 13th
  • MUST pre-register

Come and join us for a beautiful evening. Practice and enhance your Reiki healing and grow your intuition! All will receive healing time and practice time. 
You must have completed at minimum Reiki level I in order to fully participate. If you have not trained with Sierra you must bring your certificate to the first share you attend. 

This share is offered by one of Sierra's Master level students, Cheryl Markey. With Cheryl you will be certain the angelics will be fully present throughout the evening and any stagnant energy and blockages will be lovingly given the boot. Come and deepen your experience with this amazing energy healing opportunity!


Gaia Puja

  • Offered MONTHLY, dates announced as available
  • TBA
  • Heartfelt Donation
  • MUST pre-register

Puja is the act of showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. An essential part of puja is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Most often that contact is facilitated through an object: an element of nature, a sculpture, a vessel, a painting, or a picture. This icon is not the deity itself; rather, it is believed to be filled with the deity's cosmic energy. It is a focal point for honoring and communicating with the god. The objects allow the devotee to experience direct communication with his or her gods. Puja is an extraordinary sensory experience for the attendees with the colors, scents, sounds, and palpable energy.

For this puja we will be working with Gaia, the Earth Mother revered in the ancient Greek tradition. We invite you to come and connect with her to offer healing and gratitude to the Earth and receive the blessings of abundance and connectivity that she offers in return.


Healing Drum Circle

  • Offered MONTHLY, dates announced as available
  • Fri May 25th 6:30pm at ROWANWOOD FARM 31 Chestnut Hill Rd Newtown
  • $25
  • MUST pre-register

Healing Drum Circles are a gathering of those who wish to experience the healing energy of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The drum has the ability to shift energy in a dramatic way as it is an integral tool for vibrational healing. The beat of the drum travels directly to the inner core and can facilitate the release of negative thoughts and behaviors, find the point of creation of illness or dis-ease, and raise the overall vibration of the entire being. 

The Healing Drum Circles begin with the calling in of spirit and the creation of sacred space. Each Circle is directly guided by spirit, so the format tends to vary for each one. The time of year, the phase of the moon and the current earth and celestial energies all can change the shape of the gathering. Some evenings include a shamanic journey, meditation, or a teaching focused on a particular spirit (animal/tree/nature/angel). Then we center our focus on the individual healings, each person will receive healing from the entire group. This is usually done through drumming with the intention of sending Love and healing energies to the person in the center. We complete the circle by drumming our gratitude and love to earth and spirit.

We are all teachers and messengers of spirit, so no level of training or ability is required. If you have a drum or rattle, please bring one with you.

Reiki Healing Clinic

  • First Sunday every month
  • 12-1:30pm
  • Suggested Donation $20
  • MUST pre-register

2018 DATES: 
Jan 7th, Feb 4th, Mar 4th, Apr 1st, May 6th, Jun3rd, Jul 1st, Aug 5th, Sept 2nd, Oct 7th, Nov 4th, Dec 2nd

Experience the beneficial effects of relaxation and feeling of peace from Reiki Healing. 

Reiki is an ancient method of natural healing for  relaxation and stress reduction that promotes self healing. Reiki strengthens and balances the body, mind, and spirit. Reiki healing energy is channeled by the laying of hands over the energy centers of the body, allowing your body to achieve a level of deep relaxation that allows for healing within yourself. Reiki can help relieve chronic and acute pain, boost immune function, ease anxiety, and reduce stress. 

Learn more aboutReiki Healing and our Reiki Healing Clinics.

Ignite your Spirit Healing Clinic

  • Second Sunday of the month
  • 12-1:30pm
  • Suggested Donation $20
  • MUST pre-register

2018  DATES

Jan 14th, Feb 11th, Mar 11th, Apr 8th, May 13th, June 10th, Jul 8th, Aug 12th, Sept 9th, Oct 14th, Nov 11th, Dec 9th

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy is a no touch energy healing modality developed by Shakti Durga and works through the etheric body to effect the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It deeply cleanses and clears all debris, old thoughts and patterns, negative emotions, and negative vibrations from the chakras. It is a very powerful healing method for creating change in your life. 

IYS therapy is designed to improve your health and vitality, decrease pain and chronic conditions, heal relationships, assist you in finding more meaning and direction in life, and help you attain a greater sense of peace, fulfillment, hopefulness, and joy. Obstacles to greater self- realization dissolve as your full potential becomes activated through the power of connecting to your highest self.

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy can offer relief to overwhelming emotions such as grief, sorrow, loss, dissatisfaction, depression, anger, stress, and anxiety. It is an incredible way to work on healing relationships, addictions, and even can help businesses and organizations thrive. These sessions often bring the release old thought patterns, encourages acknowledgement and healing of the shadow self, and brings deeper understanding of our emotional bodies.

Ignite Your Spirit healing clinics are a great way to try out or receive on-going assistance with anything life throws your way. At our Healing Clinic you receive an energy healing from a supervised student therapist or Certified Ignite Your Spirit Therapist. A Certified Ignite Your Spirit Therapist has completed a minimum of two years of training and 80 hours of supervised clinical practice. They are bound by a code of conduct, carry insurance and are accredited by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT).

Learn more aboutIgnite your Spirit Therapy and our IYS Clinic.


Angels & Crystals

  • 2018 Dates: Feb. 26, March 26, April 23, May 21, June 25, July 30, Aug 27,  Sept 24, Oct 29, Nov 26 and Dec 17
  • 7-9:30pm
  • $25 per session

Do you love Angels and Crystals?  Then this is the monthly series that you will love.  The class will join your love of both angels and crystals.  It will allow you to take a deeper look at one Archangel and a crystal associated with that Archangel.  It will be hands on as well as informative. You will learn how to connect and work with the Archangel.  Learn about the crystal and its connection to the Archangel, as well as how to use the crystal when working with Archangel.

Offered by Cheryl Markey (Durga Ma). 


Lift out of Grief

  • First Wednesday of every month
  • 7-8:30pm
  • Suggested Donation $20
  • 2018 DATES: Mar 7th, Apr 4th, May 2nd, June 6th, July 4th, Aug 1st, Sept 5th, Oct 3rd, Nov 7th, Dec 5th

Join us for an uplifting evening in the companionship of others who are experiencing grief.  This evening is not your traditional support group.  This is meant to be a joyful group where we share in the happy memories of those we have lost. 

My vision is creating a place where we come together to support each other and to celebrate the lives of those we have lost.  It is a place to acknowledge the grief that we hold in our hearts,  rekindle the light within us, and to support each other through the new landscape of our life.

Every meeting will include a meditation to help us lift out of grief and to fill our hearts with love and joy.

Suggested Donation: $20

Offered by Stefanie "Hari Om"


Meditation for Pain Release

  • Third Friday Every Month
  • 7:00 PM  8:00 PM
  • DATES: Mar 16th, Apr 20th, May 18th, June 15th, July 20th, Aug 17th, Sept 21st, Oct 19th, Nov 16th, Dec 21st

This meditation creates a space for people to learn a special technique of breathing and sending energy into an area of pain with the intention of releasing it.  I have been personally using this technique for over ten years now for whiplash and other areas of chronic pain. I now utilize it in all my bodywork sessions. 

Offered by Stephanie Besson.

Heartfelt Donation. Must Pre-register.