60 min: $125

Practitioner: Judy Vuozzo

Judy currently only sees clients one monday per month at Muktinath.


Bowls & Feathers Clearing and Healing

Experience the deeply connected grounding vibrations of Tibetan Singing Bowls. Let their sounds bathe you in Mother Earths healing song. The bowls reconnect us to our core vibration, clearing out whatever is not an intrinsic part of our inherent state of spiritual perfection. They have the ability to soothe and calm our nervous systems. We exist in a world where we are constantly

over -stimulated with emotional, visual, auditory and physical input. Our minds become filled with racing thoughts and bodies swamped with emotional and physical toxins. The bowls have the ability to create a nurturing and balanced healing environment that bathes us both internally and externally. 

The feathers bring forth the clearing breezes of nature herself. They bring in the movement of air and of the earth. They carry the ability to sweep away and release energies. Creating space, around and in us, for the infinite flow of healing vibrations. 

Let the bowls and the feathers take you on a healing journey.