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Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

Shamanic Practitioner

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Abby Heirtzler

Since she was a young child, Abby has been experiencing and interacting with the spirit world. This connection and curiosity sparked a life long journey and exploration of spirituality. Abby is a Reiki Master and Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and Crystal Dreaming practitioner. Fascinated by the body's ability to heal itself, she believes that wellness should be holistic and inclusive of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. With her empathic and intuitive nature, Abby uses her spiritual connection and understanding of the physical body to identify healing needs for her clients. 

Abby feels that spirituality has a place in everyday life for all who wish to tap into this connection and has incorporated this belief into her studies and career. Driven by a passion for humanitarian issues and understanding how the world works from a political perspective, Abby received her Bachelor’s in Political Science with a focus in History from Temple University. For several years she focused her efforts on humanitarian, animal rights, and environmental issues.

Abby transitioned from a political focus to a career in human resources. With an interest in business but also dedicated to the people aspect, she works to bring a more human approach to corporate environments. She received her Master’s in Human Resources from Sacred Heart University and continues to work in this capacity to provide psychological support in a corporate setting and impact company culture in a positive way.

Her goal is to contribute to the collective healing across the globe through each private healing session. Abby incorporates a variety of healing techniques and modalities in her work, as well as crystals and aromatherapy.