The Tipi at Rowanwood farm 

The tipi is a traditional Lakota style tipi crafted and erected by Julian Boucher. The tipi is located at Rowanwood Farm in Newtown CT (only about 15 min from Muktinath). AJ Collier, owner of Rowanwood has envisioned the tipi to be a "Community Tipi" for  education and other events in alignment with the native peoples and for the community to remember the heritage of this land and connect with nature. She generously has offered the use of the tipi for some of Muktinath's events! You will find listed here both all Muktinath events that will be here and all other events that the Tipi hosts. 

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Healing Drum Circle with Sierra

  • Offered MONTHLY, dates announced as available
  • Fri May 25th 6:30pm  
  • ROWANWOOD FARM 31 Chestnut Hill Rd Newtown
  • $25
  • MUST pre-register

Healing Drum Circles are a gathering of those who wish to experience the healing energy of the drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The drum has the ability to shift energy in a dramatic way as it is an integral tool for vibrational healing. The beat of the drum travels directly to the inner core and can facilitate the release of negative thoughts and behaviors, find the point of creation of illness or dis-ease, and raise the overall vibration of the entire being. 

The Healing Drum Circles begin with the calling in of spirit and the creation of sacred space. Each Circle is directly guided by spirit, so the format tends to vary for each one. The time of year, the phase of the moon and the current earth and celestial energies all can change the shape of the gathering. Some evenings include a shamanic journey, meditation, or a teaching focused on a particular spirit (animal/tree/nature/angel). Then we center our focus on the individual healings, each person will receive healing from the entire group. This is usually done through drumming with the intention of sending Love and healing energies to the person in the center. We complete the circle by drumming our gratitude and love to earth and spirit.

We are all teachers and messengers of spirit, so no level of training or ability is required. If you have a drum or rattle, please bring one with you.




Women’s Fire Class with Grandmother Nancy Andry and Mountain Scout Survival School

Saturday Dec 16th at 12 PM - 4 PM

This is an incredible opportunity for WOMEN! Ladies, mothers & daughters, friends - this is for YOU!

By special request, Rowanwood Farm and Mountain Scout Survival School are excited to offer - for the first time EVER - a women only Fire 1 class this Saturday, December 16th, right here on the farm in the tipi of Grandmother Nancy Andry!

Join renowned Mountain Scout Survival School founder, Fire Keeper and head instructor Shane Hobel (CNN, National Geographic, The History Channel, The New Yorker, New York Times) and Grandmother Nancy Andry for the most empowering afternoon. This is the perfect class for a group of friends to take together or for a mother and daughter! You are guaranteed to be inspired!

*You must pre-register for this class*
Call (203) 482-7120 or sign up at now to register!!!

Class description: Fire is a cardinal skill for life. Number 3 of the 4 Sacred Steps of Survival, this class introduces students to the secrets of fire by friction. You will be introduced to the principles of fire making, starting with the first one using the “the bow drill”. Not only will you learn fire by friction, you will also learn proper knife handling skills, as well as other valuable fire related techniques. 

This amazing program is only the first of many we will be offering on the farm, so sign up and start your journey today! And gentlemen....don’t worry! There will be lots of opportunities for you soon, too! 

Call (203) 482-7120 to register or register online

$75/pp $135/Pair, family rates also available

*girls under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult