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60 Min Ignite your Spirit therapy with Sierra $125

60 Min Ignite your Spirit therapy $108


Sierra North



Sessions via phone or skype also available


Ignite your Spirit Therapy

Ignite your Spirit Therapy no touch energy healing modality originates from Australia and works through the etheric body to effect the mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. It deeply cleanses and clears all debris, old thoughts and patterns, negative emotions, and negative vibrations from the chakras. It is a very powerful healing method for creating change in your life.

Ignite your Spirit Therapy can offer relief to overwhelming emotions such as grief, sorrow, loss, dissatisfaction, depression, anger, stress, and anxiety. It is an incredible way to work on healing relationships, addictions, and even can help businesses and organizations thrive. These sessions often bring the release old thought patterns, encourages acknowledgement and healing of the shadow self, and brings deeper understanding of our emotional bodies. Transform your life, book your session today!

New to Ignite your Spirit Therapy? You may want to try out a mini 20-30 min session at our Ignite Your Spirit Healing Clinic the first Sunday every month! Must Register.