Hypnotherapy Sessions:

Initial Assessment - $150.00
50 - 75 Minute Session - $125.00 - $150.00
Weight Management Program- 4 sessions $470.00
Smoking Cessation Program - 4 sessions $470.00
Hypnoferility Program - 12 sessions $1350.00

Practitioner: Meghan Komaromi


Modern day hypnosis is a very powerful technique for relaxation and it allows for intense concentration on a particular thought or topic without any distraction. This can allow the mind to completely release  a thought pattern, habit, or addiction. Hypnosis is  completely safe and you never “loose time” or are out of control of your body , thoughts, or actions.  At  Muktinath hypnosis is performed by a licensed clinical social worker and certified hypnotist specializing in weight management, smoking cessation, stress management, and Hypnofertility.