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Habib Sebaih

Habib is an intuitive and inspirational healer focused on helping others find balance and inner peace through lifelong physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

In my practice, each of my patients is cared for as a unique human being, and every healing session is individually tailored– for newborns, senior citizens, and everyone in-between. I will sometimes use both Reiki and CST techniques, incorporating shamanistic chanting, singing bowls and crystals to enhance the healing experience. 

Shamanic Healer
My shamanic background  is from the Berber tribe of Algeria. My great grandmother was the healer of her village.  Women also use shamanic healing to protect their family from the ill will of others.  They use mandala, prayers, medicinal herbs , songs, chanting,  smudging and tattooed symbols.   There are healers on both sides of my family tree. 

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) 
2014: Completed advanced Craniosacral Therapy course in 2014 Under the direction of Dr. Ron Wish. 
Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute in Nyack, New York. 
I continue to work with Dr. Wish and a group of gifted craniosacral practitioners in Nyack to enrich my practice and build on these fundamentals: 

Listen with your hands, mind, and heart to peoples’ stories
Facilitate clients’ healing journeys by following their unconscious signals
Connect with the wavelike motion of the cerebrospinal fluid, emanating from the core of the body; 
Heal trauma in a safe, relaxing way by releasing structural and energetic blocks. 

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher
2004: Usui Reiki 1 and 2 in 2004 from Sandra Stolz
2009 to 2015: Eastern and Western Jikiden Reiki with James Landers and Jeannette Stellato, 
Master Lineage - Dr. Mikao Usui. 
Working with Jim and Jeannette Stellato. we developed a program at the Jewish Home for the Aged in Fairfield, CT to administer and teach Reiki to the residents. I continue my work there with men and women who have suffered strokes and also dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.