60 min session $125


Sierra North


Element Balancing 

Element Balancing Healing is a form of shamanic healing derived from the shamanic traditions of Nepal. It honors the energy of the Nagas, spiritually enlightened serpent-like beings that hold the energy of the earth mother and each of the sacred elements of air, fire, water, earth, and ether. These Nagas maintain the balance of the Earth and are keeper of great wisdom. They can be powerful allies in healing and balancing the human body, mind, and spirit. The Nagas can be found in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

These healings are suitable for any person as many of us have imbalances routinely in our elemental composition. You can look to the Ayurveda healing system and your own astrological chart for more info about element imbalances. These sessions are ideal for anyone struggling, stuck, or feeling lost, helpless with their current life experience. Sessions are about 45 min long. Dress comfortably. Bring water. Please no consumption of alcohol the night before or after. Please bring a pen and notebook to write down your experience after the session.

*Please note limited availability: only late evenings or weekends when other classes not in session