created by Sierra North

The creation of each drum begins with a shamanic journey to the Spirit of the Drum.  The journey guides me as to what spirits, guides or energies are connected with each drum and  provides the basis for its unique design and adornment. Upon completion, the drum cleansed with sage and receives a shamanic blessing. All drums also include a sacred linkage ceremony to link you to the spirit of your drum. This can be performed in person when you pick up your drum, however, if you are not local and are having the drum shipped, ths ceremony can be performed as a distance ceremony.

I choose to use Remo Buffalo drums for my work.  All Remo Buffalo drums are manufactured with Remo’s Fiberskyn® 3 drumheads and patented ACOUSTICON™ drum shells. These drum shells produce the same tonal characteristic found on traditional wood shell drums with excellent projection and enhanced low-pitched fundamentals. You can play Remo’s Buffalo drum in virtually any weather condition and they will hold their sound.

This listing is organized so currently available drums are listed at the top of the page.  Currently drums are is such demand that they are by commision only.


If you feel connected with a drum that has already been sold or if there is a particular drum spirit you are looking for, please contact me regarding a commissioned drum. I do request a $60 non-refundable fee to create a commissioned drum. However, if upon completion the drum does not resonate with you (this has never happened but there could always be a possibility), your deposit can be transfered towards the purchase of another completed drum, feathers, or service of your choice. Please contact me directly BEFORE you send your deposit.

Please Note: Pricing varies with the details of the drum.

General Price Guide:

10" Remo Buffalo drum completed and incl ceremony: $175-$200

16" Remo Buffalo drum completed and incl ceremony: $275-$300

20" Remo Buffalo drum completed and incl ceremony: $375-$425