at Muktinath Holistic Center

Discover the power and magic of crystals! Crystals are tools directly from nature for healing, energizing, and balancing the entire planet.  We can benefit from working with crystals in countless ways on all levels of our being, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

 Just some of our exciting Feb CLASS offerings:


Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation Sat Feb 2nd 7:30pm ($25)

Lie and allow the frequency and resonance of the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls take you to a place of deep relaxation and meditation. Participants often feel as if they are “floating” on the sound. The singing bowls harmonize and resonate with each of the seven major chakras bringing them to clarity and balance.

Please bring anything you need to comfortable lying on the floor for the session. Blankets and pillows are available. If you wish you may bring a scarf or bandana to cover the eyes. 


Crystals & Native American Traditions Tues Feb 5th 7pm Heartfelt Donation Suggested $25, but please donate in your means.

A look into the diverse perspectives of the first people's relationship with crystals, also known as the Stone people. We will explore the energy images and spirits found in the Stone people and the messages they give. 

Nancy will also discuss the healing capacity of crystals and offer a demonstration of her Medicine Wheel Crystal healings for one lucky participant.

Grandmother Nancy is of Algonquin and French heritage and has followed the Red Road since childhood. Seeking out elders willing to teach, her first two mentors were Lakota, one an author, one a medicine man. An Ojibwa medicine woman, then a Mi’kmaq grandmother later adopted her. Community elders gave her permission to pour lodges since 1991. She served as a facilitator for a Native Women’s Circle in federal prison for 17 years. 

A Sundancer and a Sacred Pipe carrier, she is acknowledged as an elder and a grandmother in her communities in Canada, where she was given instruction to bring out and share certain teachings. Grandmother Nancy is a well-known storyteller, sharing legends from many different Nations in schools, health facilities and the pow wow circuit. She was a staff member of the Joined Nations of Connecticut, a youth organization for those of Native heritage. She has given talks in Calgary, Canada, St. Croix USV, and at various centers in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  She also owned and operated an equestrian business until retirement, and now incorporates Horse Medicine in some of her lectures about Native culture.



Meditation Journey to the Crystal Caves Fri Feb 8th 7pm ($25)  

Please join us for a special meditation to travel to the Crystal Caves for healing and spiritual activations.

more details TBA

Offered by Sierra REGISTER


Crystal Grid Designs Sat Feb 9th 1-5pm ($60)

In this workshop you will learn the basics of crystal gridding. 

· How and why you might use a crystal grid. 

· How you set your intentions for the grid. 

· How to activate and when to deactivate your grid.  

· How to choose the crystals for your grid.

You will also be building your own grid. Crystals will be provided for your use and to take home, but if you have any you would like to incorporate into  your grid, feel free to bring them.

 Offered by Cheryl Markey “Durga Ma”. REGISTER

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Crystal Awareness Sun Feb 10th 9:30am-6:30pm ($210)  

SO...Think you know crystals? Come and take your knowledge to a deeper level.

This one day course introduces you to crystals and their energy. In a fun hands on learning experience, we will look at:

  • How crystals are formed and types

  • Preparing self and space before using crystals

  • Selecting, cleansing and programming crystals for home and work

  • Origins of crystal healing

  • Types of quartz (rainbows in quartz, sacred geometry, yin and yang quartz, Isis, Dow, window, channeling crystals, double terminators, lasers, record keepers and phantoms)

  • Crystals relationship to the chakras

  • Developing Intuition with crystals

  • Crystal chakra meditation with crystals and crystal singing bowl music.

  • Use of crystals to ease physical pain, remember dreams, ease stress, create harmony, neutralize electronic interference and much more.

    This course is both a stand alone workshop and a prerequisite for the Crystal Dreaming practitioner training course.

    Offered by Sierra. REGISTER


Full Moon Crystal Ceremony Tues Feb 19th 7pm ($30)

Details TBA.

Offered by Sierra. REGISTER


Crystal Healing through the Akashic Records Fri Feb 22nd 7pm ($35)  

The akashic record is where the journey of a souls evolution is recorded, its life experiences on this planet and beyond and the travels between. It holds the minute details of every thought, word or action of the soul. Understanding of the akashic can facilitate healing in our personal relationships, finances, career, soul contacts and finding our life path.

With the assistance and guidance of crystals we can access our akashic with clarity and even heal and resolve karma or patterns that are limiting our current circumstances or life potential.

Every participant will experience personal healing.

Offered by Sierra. Limited to 8 participants. LIMITED REGISTRATION

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Crystal Dreaming Practitioner Training  Sat Feb 23rd &  Sun Feb 24th 9:3am-6:30pm ($540. mandatory non-refundable deposit of $100) Prereq: Crystal Awareness.

Crystal Dreaming is an advanced crystal healing technique which uses the power of crystals for profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.  Crystals are laid around the head and body in a mandala formation. The special arrangement of these crystals opens your  superconscious mind and facilitates a deep meditative state where you can perceive past life experiences and journey through all the  dimensions.  Your own body will "speak" to you and help you to unlock and completely release the origins of fear, pain, and trauma held in your own cellular memory.  

What can you experience through Crystal Dreaming?

  • · Clarification of life purpose or dharma

  • · Profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing

  • · Experience a true state of bliss

  • · Reconnection to your Divine Higher Spiritual Self

  • · Release of present or past life trauma

  • · Release of phobias and fears

  • · Release of blockages, stagnancy, including negative energies and entities

  • · Understanding the root cause of disease or imbalance and receive guidance on how to achieve complete healing

  • · Understanding and unlocking of past life abilities, talents, and gifts

  • · Connect with spiritual guides or angels for messages

  • · Upgrades and activations for your energy body

Using a unique and sacred mandala of crystals placed around the crown, you will learn how to facilitate an altered state of consciousness for others. They may experience a profound journey into the superconscious, oneness and bliss, where emotional, physical and spiritual healing may occur, instantly.

You will learn how to release all blocks to achieving this state, including the release of any blockages or limitations, cellular memories, past or present life trauma, negative energies or earthbound spirits or entities or any aspect of your clients being that requires more love and understanding. After releasing these blockages, your client may meet their higher self, spirit guides, spiritual teachers, Ascended Masters, Angels and other highly evolved beings of light. You will assist your client’s empowerment with love and respect for every aspect of their being.

These techniques open all channels to the spirit world and beyond, facilitating inter-dimensional travel anywhere in time and space, whilst remaining fully conscious in this reality. You will receive a clear understanding of the spirit world, a realm that is often misunderstood and in contemporary Western culture.

You will be working from Raym's book “Alchemy of Crystals” a copy of which is included in the course fee. You will both give and receive a Crystal Dreaming session during this course.

On completion of this course you will be ready, after further practice and after you have acquired your own crystals, to facilitate sessions for others.

Through Crystal Dreaming your client may travel into the depths of their being and there find true happiness and peace. Once experienced their life will never be the same again, all they need is the courage to step into the unknown and discover the truth and beauty of who they really are. Crystal Dreaming allows you to guide this exploration of the inner plane, with a heightened awareness of reality, in a safe and nurturing environment.

The focus of Crystal Dreaming is to empower clients to identify and heal themselves of any imbalance on any level. Clients will implement positive life changes from knowledge they have personally received during the session. Crystal Dreaming opens your clients awareness inward to their source of power. There is nothing to fear on this journey for ultimately there is only truth and radiant beauty to be found there

This course will be presented by Sierra and lasts for two days, with homework on Saturday night.
Prerequisite: Crystal Awareness
Two day practitioner course $540. There is a mandatory non-refundable deposit of $100 to reserve your space. Upon receiving your registration we will send you an invoice.