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Power and Magic of Dreams

Do you believe you are one of those people who don’t dream or can’t recall your dreams? Are you having dreams but can not decipher what they are telling you? In this class, you will learn tools to remember your dreams and playful ways to explore. Good news is that everyone does dream!

Dreams reveal the path to healing and wholeness for each person. Dreams are not here to tell us what we already know. They are present to help us grow and move forward.

In this class, we will touch upon:

  • The importance of Sleep

  • Ways to explore dreams

  • Use of crystals to support dream recall

  • Types of Dreaming

This class is a required prerequisite for all dream classes. Please bring a journal that is dedicated to recording your dreams to the first class. Come play with us!

Offered by Lori Steeves “Devi Gaia Ma”.