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Art of Forgiveness with Maitreya & Sada

Finding Freedom and Empowerment

Forgiving someone or something and truly coming into a place of freedom and love is a process that is beautiful but sometimes very hard.

Old buried emotional pain and grudges are often lingering even after we “thought” we have forgiven.  This causes us to shut down in some areas, lose who we are and is often associated with not trusting our self or others.

These layers of unconscious energy can sit within the mind and heart and block us from really letting go and trusting again.  We often times don’t know it’s preventing our freedom until we truly let it go. This holds us back from more joy, peace and love.

 Join Maitreya and Sada for the Art of Forgiving OUR SELF and OTHERS and finding your freedom.

Experience sacred practice, music, and deep healing as we release the pain, burdens and stress from the past.

Suggested Contribution $40-50. Cash only please.