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Tools for Self-Realization with Shakti Durga: Flowing Around Obstacles

Shakti Durga and her senior teachers will be offering an online program for 2019 for any initiate to Shanti Mission or those dedicated to the work of following a spiritual path. Classes will be offered at Muktinath allowing for the community to fully support each other in this work. A solitary path is much more hard work and effort and not as much fun. Please join us for this amazing opportunity.

The two hours per week of online instruction will be recorded so that if you miss the class you can catch up later. As with anything in life, we get the most out of that which we commit to. We ask for a high level of commitment to each of the Modules for which you enroll. All who embark upon any of these Modules will be asked to fully commit to:

1. Attending the class weekly (or watching the class fully afterwards if you cannot attend at the given time) or attending the class at the other time .

2. Completing any assigned reading (usually no more than a chapter or two in the entire 6 week topic)

3. Fully working through any insight exercises provided for your benefit

4. Being an active Friend of Shanti Mission (as a significant percentage of your tithe)

5. Committing to the daily spiritual practice for the Module, which will involve mantra and meditation and possibly mindfulness during the day.

6. Have at least one IYS healing during the 6 week training with an experienced registered therapist or teacher, which will be a private mentoring session for the program, or attend a laya yoga session with Shakti Durga either in-person or online.

7. Joining a triad for discussion and to develop peer support for the 6 week period

It is suggested do a minimum of 4 of the 7 Modules annually, and no more than 6 of the 7 Modules each year. Making a conscious choice as to which module you will complete helps to focus the mind, while ensuring that there is ample time between and around 6 week sadhanas for integration and worldly seva.

These sessions will be entertaining, uplifting, highly meditative, and will challenge us to grow into the full magnificence of who we be. We will be working towards, unity consciousness and eventual full self-realisation.


Feb 7- Mar 14 Mastering Transcendence Om, Om Ananda, Sat Chit Ananda, Om Namaha Shivaya Inner Worlds

Mar 28 -May 2 More love than Ever Devotion and Surrender, The Point of Light, arrarita

May 16- Jun 20 Cultivating Spaciousness Acceptance, Non-Attachment and the Middle Path wisdom of the Buddha

Jul 4 - Jul 25 (4 wks) Getting your Head Straight – steering the ship of your life, focus, awareness, cosmic connection and localized volition

Aug 8 - Sept 12 Ananda: Embodying Joy and Contentment, the heart of pure risen Christ, balancing mercy and severity

Sept 26- Oct 31 Flowing Around Obstacles Ganesha’s Lift and Grace, multidimensional vortex, vicissitudes, radical gratitude

Nov 14- Dec 19 Strength and Humility Finding Ma Durga within, true heart courage, what is fearlessness

The cost of each 6 week program is up to you. The suggested donation per week is between $30 and $100 depending upon your means. If you are genuinely unable to contribute, then Friends of Shanti Mission contributions will sponsor you. We hope that you will be as excited as we are about these changes and that it will enliven our journey into the one infinite light.

Shakti Durga really wants to encourage communities to come together to do this live with others. This will make your participation in group activities easier, but also gives you the moral support that makes this work so much easier! The sessions will be offered here on the big screen thursday evenings. Please attend in person if you can. 

The link to attend the Adobe classroom will be sent to you within the days leading up to the first class  if you are unable to attend in person.

Recordings will be emailed to you on fridays.

Please SPECIFY which MODULES you will be attending. Thank you!

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