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Private Healings with Shakti Durga

What is Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy?
We are meant to blaze like the sun with energy, vitality, enthusiasm and good health. Our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and experiences, not to mention the stress of families, mortgages, work and deadlines, create clouds within us that can obscure our brilliance and which can contribute to ill-health. Ignite Your Spirit Therapy reveals your radiant spirit, disperses the clouds, and sets us free to be who we really are, shining with an inner lustre, spark and joy. Even long-term problems can be diminished or alleviated by the removal of stale old energy held within our physical, mental and energetic subtle bodies.

Healings with Shakti Durga
Sessions last around 30 minutes during which time Shakti Durga will intuitively read your energy field, and assess what needs to be addressed in light of what you, the client wishes to work on. Healings cover:

  1. physical body, acute or chronic conditions

  2. stress, anxiety or depression

  3. dealing with significant life events including loss, divorce and bereavement

  4. relationship healings

  5. spiritual activation and assistance in discovering your highest destiny

Spiritual Activations with Shakti Durga
The personal sessions will specifically be about spiritual activation and inner illumination, for those seeking guidance in their spiritual life as to how they can progress with the most ease and grace. Sessions are one hour in duration, with the first 30 minutes being preparation through healing meditation or mantra as directed by Shakti Durga and managed by her assistant.  Having prepared for 30 minutes through specific mantra or meditation practice, Shakti Durga will then join you to assist you into the space of Divine activation through which you can receive spiritual guidance.
For most people the result will be bliss, and an appreciation of the Divine and an inner experience of the Divine light. Sessions are for individuals or for two people/couples. 

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Thurs Jan 17th, Fri Jan 18th, and Mon Jan 21st.

By Appointment Only. Please specify if you are scheduling an IYS session or spiritual activation session.

$180. Cash only please.

About Shakti Durga:

They say you teach what you most need to learn, and Shakti Durga has been teaching and learning about relationships for over 30 years. Whether it’s the relationship you have with the vulnerable part of self that needs nurturing, or with your spouse, family, work colleagues, money, or with the Infinite Source of all, Shakti Durga has helped thousands of people to blaze through obstacles, heal conflict harmoniously, and find more love than they ever thought possible.

After a failed marriage Shakti Durga turned to meditation, as well as personal and spiritual development, to help manage stress and depression. Not only did she recover and attain a new level of personal, relationship and business success, she became an avid student of great spiritual masters. She travelled extensively to be in their presence, learning and growing and accessing bliss as well as tools from the Ancient Universal Wisdom. She has found light of transformation through various traditions including the Vedas, Mantra, Western mysteries, Angels, Sacred Music, Kaballah, Taoism, Christianity and Buddhism.

Shakti Durga’s journey has been so deep that she has been recognised as a Swami (Guru) in India, because she has embodied the capacity to ignite the spirit of herself and others. Being labelled a Guru caused her some consternation, as Shakti Durga is all about activating personal empowerment, and the narrative around the Guru in the West has been negative.

After a long and profound journey encompassing Western and Eastern spiritual practices, and having cultivated the skill of making complex spiritual teachings simple and easy to use in practice, she says that the advanced class in spirituality is still being grounded in our every-day life and relationships. This is the area that continues to fascinate her and in which she focusses to help people achieve more love as well as other objectives in life.

Shakti Durga is a musician, author, energy healer, and a humorous, inspired spiritual teacher with an international student base.

She is the founder, spiritual head and inspirational leader of Shanti Mission (Peace Mission), with its head office based in Australia. The not-for-profit charity operates a wide-variety of projects and programs with the aim of creating inner peace and peace between people. It is also registered as a 501(C)(3) charity in USA.

Shakti Durga is one of 8 spiritual masters invited to China by the largest provider of spiritual content in that country. She is also one of the 108 living masters featured on the world’s largest spiritual website, Times of India’s Speaking Tree. She and her team of empowered teachers have taught thousands of people in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, China, India, Brazil, New Zealand and Germany. She has authored 5 books, developed a comprehensive joy-filled spiritual training program, has countless spiritual music, mantra and meditation CDS, and 3 inspirational card decks.

Prior to commencing her vocation in spirituality, Shakti Durga was a practising lawyer for 16 years. She has two grown children and lives with her life partner in Cooranbong, north of Sydney in NSW Australia.

Find out more about the charity she founded, Shanti Mission. Download PDF