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Sunflowers & Manifestation Ceremony

This beautiful ceremony invokes the gentle power of the Sunflower to help you manifest your dreams, goals, and desires. The Sunflower brings blessings of connectivity, unity, peace, devotion, and joy. Together we will do a shamanic journey to the Spirit of the Sunflower and you will participate in the Sunflower Ceremony. You will all receive a sunflower from the ceremony, sunflower seeds and a special stone to plant to bring your manifestations into your life.

I wander softly through an endless field of Sunflowers. They all gently sway in unison in the warm summer breeze.  They invite me to dance with them with our faces turned up towards the glorious Sun.  They rejoice in the healing and life giving rays of the sun and fully receive the blessings of the Spirit of the Sun. They stand tall and strong with their roots held by Mother Earth and offer their unwavering devotion to the mighty Sun.  The Sunflower is a gift from the Sun to the Earth, as they are created in the likeness of the Sun. Even on the darkest of days they radiate the joy, the beauty, the power, and the love of the magnificent Sun to all who walk the Earth.  -Sierra North

Suggested Contribution $25