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Rocks and Stones

Are you drawn to rocks and stones as you walk?  Does the sparkle from them catch your eye or is it just the shape and the color.  Is it heart shaped, oval, or just a shape you never saw before?  When you go to pick it up how does it make you feel?  Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to that particular one? How it can work with you?  

In this class we will be exploring rocks and stones.  Not the shiny crystals, but the rocks we see in our adventures outside every day; from walks in the woods, along our beaches, lakes and rivers to our sidewalks.

Looking at how rocks and stones have been used thru out ancient times; to how they are still used today.

We will then work with the rocks and stones making a grid or connecting with them to see how we can use them in our lives.

So please join me in this fun class as we learn about Rocks and Stones.

Offered by CHeryl Markey "Durga Ma"