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Family Constellations

Systemic Family Constellations are both traditional psychotherapy and trans-generational shamanic energetic healing as they wereinspired by the African tribal people and brought forward by Bert Hellinger. Constellation ceremonies resolve ancestral family traumas so that their deep disturbances in the family soul do not entangle with the descendants as repetitive patterns. If we want healing to be complete we must go to the root cause and heal it with Love. People are chosen to act as representatives in what we call the Knowing Field since we are all connected energetically. We allow the natural healing movements to occur. Peace is then restored for ourselves, our Ancestors, and our descendants. This is a profound multidimensional for of healing that addresses abundance flow, luck, health in our lives and our Family Soul.

Gail Gorelick

Gail Gorelick, M.A.,O.M. has been studying Systemic Family Constellations since November 5, 2006. She has studied intensively with Eric Lopez, Patricia Hoyle, and Sophie Soudai in Florida. Gail has completed an independent study and an intensive training with Dr Ed Lynch at New England Institute of Systemic Constellations. Her other esteemed teachers are Bert and Sophie Hellinger, Daan van Kampenhout, Carola Castillo, Francesca Mason Boring, Jakob and Seiglinde Schneider, Stephan Hausner, Dan Gates, and most recently Mark Wolynn. As   shamanic practitioner, she brings this work forward ceremonially using music and sound healing to deepen the healing process and honor the ancient wisdom traditions.

 $65 to participate, $130 for personal constellation-limit 3 per class. MUST PRE-REG