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Healing the Sacral: Release Fear & Wounds

Healing the Sacral is a series of 3 special classes designed to open and activate your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra governs creativity, manifestation, intimacy, passion, drive, laughter, and play. Please join us for one week or all three!

Experience healing of the sacral through meditation and receive the sacred shamanic rite from the South American traditions, the 13th munay-ki, the rite of the Wombkeeper. This rite helps us to release fear and pain from the womb, release the wounds of the past, to bring healing of the sacral region, embody your powerful femininity, and boost your creative and manifestation abilities.

Offered by Sierra (Radhe Sierra) $25 per class if prepay for all three, or pay $30 per class. Must pre-register.