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Healing the Sacral: Open Creative Flow

Healing the Sacral is a series of 3 special classes designed to open and activate your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra governs creativity, manifestation, intimacy, passion, drive, laughter, and play. Please join us for one week or all three!

Come and join us for a special shamanic journey to meet your inner child, your emotional body that resides within. She is the voice inside you that guides your thoughts and emotions, especially the ones you feel about your own self. You will get to know her as she guides you through the landscape of non-ordinary reality, or the dreamtime, to rediscover your creative life force. By working with her you can find solutions to the challenges you find the most complex and she can show you where you lost the joy and passion in your life and how to revive it. As a part of the healing will we be participating in a fun and playful creative art assignment after our journey.

Offered by Sierra (Radhe Sierra) $25 per class if prepay for all three, or pay $30 per class. Must pre-register. 

Earlier Event: August 12
Satsang with Parvati Sundari