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Spirit of the Owl Teachings & Journey

The focus of this class is the Spirit of the Owl. We invite you to attend the live Owl program prior to this class to experience the Owl’s physical nature, to begin to fully appreciate the beauty and magic of the owl.  You will learn about the natural history of the owl from Christine

Then learn the role of the owl in folklore and legends, and in the native american stories.

We will then focus on the Spirit of the Owl and explore the spiritual meaning and teachings the owl shares with humanity. We will do a shamanic journey together to the Spirit of the Owl so you can learn what the Owl means personally to you and how the Owl can teach you how to “see” in the dark.

The purpose of this workshop is to deepen and strengthen your connection to the Spirit of the Owl so when you hear the owl calling you will have the ability to understand the wisdom she shares with you.

As we are all teachers and messengers of spirit, no level of training or ability is required. If you have a drum or rattle, please bring one with you. If you do not, some will be available at the workshop. 

Offered by Grandmother Nancy and Sierra

Photo Credit:Awake Your Magic Canvas Owl Pentacle Art Print by Anne Stokes

Earlier Event: December 15
Live Owl Education Program