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Stepping into Womanhood with Grandmother Nancy

In the native american traditions young women were prepared for coming into first moon cycle. In these modern times most young women do not receive these teachings as the teachings have been lost through the generations.  In native communities this time is celebrated and the grandmothers and women relatives teach the young lady how to prepare herself for the duties and joys of womanhood. We will share some of the teachings and lessons the young women would be taught. 

This program would be a preparation for a special optional ceremony for the young women if they choose to participate. There will be a creative project and a feast (special meal) afterm the program.

Our wish is that mothers and daughters will attend together. Mothers of young boys and evolved fathers with an open heart are also welcome. 

Grandmother Nancy is of Algonquin and French heritage and has followed the Red Road since childhood. Seeking out elders willing to teach, her first two mentors were Lakota, one an author, one a medicine man. An Ojibwa medicine woman, then a Mi’kmaq grandmother later adopted her. Community elders gave her permission to pour lodges since 1991. She served as a facilitator for a Native Women’s Circle in federal prison for 17 years. 

A Sundancer and a Sacred Pipe carrier, she is acknowledged as an elder and a grandmother in her communities in Canada, where she was given instruction to bring out and share certain teachings. Grandmother Nancy is a well-known storyteller, sharing legends from many different Nations in schools, health facilities and the pow wow circuit. She was a staff member of the Joined Nations of Connecticut, a youth organization for those of Native heritage. She has given talks in Calgary, Canada, St. Croix USV, and at various centers in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut.  She also owned and operated an equestrian business until retirement, and now incorporates Horse Medicine in some of her lectures about Native culture.

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