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Energy Rejuvenation: Liberation

In this sacred Sound Healing process you have the opportunity to transform yourself on all levels of your being. A combination of powerful energy healing techniques are combined with the science of sound and light to create the perfect synthesis of healing. Connect with the Fibonacci and Solfeggio healing frequencies to restore the perfection of nature within. 

We will use this sacred combination of techniques to lift your vibration, release blockages and restrictions, rejuvenate, heal, repair,  restore, balance, revitalize, and rejuvenate on all levels of your being-body, mind, emotions, and spirit. 

This evening we will focus on Liberation, freedom from struggles, fears, guilt and other negative emotions or vibrations. Let go of all that holds you back.

Through this sacred sound experience you will let go of physical pain, clear blockages in the flows of all the systems and organs of the body and open the doorway to wellness.

Please bring anything you need to comfortable lying on the floor for the session. Blankets and pillows are available. If you wish you may bring a scarf or bandana to cover the eyes. 

Offered by Sierra


Space is limited so please register quickly