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Energy Clearing Techniques

Have you cleaned out last year's energy yet from your home and yourself? This is a great time to make sure you are ready to receive the blessings of this new year!

In this workshop you will learn many different techniques for clearing/removal of old and stagnant energies from your own aura and from your environment. You will learn about ancient Shamanic smudging techniques and tools, including which herbs are right for what circumstances. You will learn about the usage of sound, vibration, and color in energy clearing. Utilization of the proper techniques of energy clearing can have a direct impact on your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You will feel lighter, more balanced and have a more optimistic outlook on your life circumstances and be in a much improved position to create positive changes in your life. Energy clearing techniques are also an integral part of all manifestation or law of attraction work as you need to make energetic space for the new seeds of creation to take root!

All participants will get to experience energy clearing techniques and will have practice time during the workshop.

Offered by Sierra (Radhe Sierra) $25. Must pre-register.

Earlier Event: January 21
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