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FUll MOON SERIES: Kabbalah with Batya

This Full Moon Series will be offered at a full moon each month for the year of 2018. We will explore a different culture, faith, or tradition and their teachings on the Moon and night skies, or their relationship to the particular moon of the month. We will be hosting different teachers from each every month. Please join us for some or all of this exciting new series!

Based on the biblical “tree of life,” kabbalists (Jewish mystics) have used the image of a tree for contemplation and understanding of creation, spirituality, and our relationship with the divine.

In ancient times, sacred trees were sites of worship and altars [often to the divine feminine]. The upcoming full moon marks the date on the lunar calendar when we celebrate Tu BiShevat, the New Year of the Trees.

Please join us for kabbalistic teaching and meditation on the Tree of Life.

This months host is Batya, a gifted student in the Kabbalah tradition. 

For the last 20 years Batya has been an innovative Jewish leader in Wilton, CT and surrounding towns, founding the Wilton Jewish Center and touching the lives of hundreds of families. With music, ritual, and a lifetime of learning, Batya shares her strong connection to spirit, crafting lifecycle events and leading services, including new moon circles and an annual Women’s Seder.  Her patience, sense of humor, and dynamic listening skills allow Batya to connect with others in a deep way.

Batya’s innate curiosity has taken her through many interesting waypoints, including work as a private investigator, lawyer, radio personality, and singer/songwriter. Becoming a mother opened a world of ever more meaningful spiritual exploration and responsibility, and she augmented her learning as a student rabbi and chaplain intern. In 2015, Batya discovered a community of like-minded seekers in Kohenet: The Hebrew Priestess Institute. “Kohenet reclaims the traditions of women, from the priestesses and prophetesses of biblical antiquity to healers, dreamers, and seekers throughout Jewish tradition.” Batya hopes to be ordained as a Hebrew Priestess in 2019.

Must Pre-register.  $20