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The Rhythm of Life- Connecting with the Wheel of the Year with Parvati Sundari

In the distant past, pre industrial revolution, people were required to be in alignment with the seasons and cycles of the year, and in harmonious relationship with Mother Nature. As industrialisation developed and we could control our environment more and more, we began to lose touch and stop communing with the natural world.

When we choose to align with nature, to live in harmony with the natural ebb and flow through the year, we experience the joyful support of Mother Earth in our endeavours. Our projects and inner evolution grow in accordance with the spirals of nature, we experience less opposition and more flow in all areas of our lives. The relationship with Gaia is as important as our relationship with Self, Divine, and people in general- if we wish to experience harmony, peace and the abundance She has to offer.

Join Parvati Sundari for a fun, colourful and transformative experience of remembering this awesome relationship. Explore, uncover and journey deeper than before. Add to the wisdom you already hold in this area and strengthen your capacity to align with the Universe.

Valued at $108, offered by heartfelt donation.

Bring: Journal and your adventurous spirit.