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Discover your Animal Spirit Guides

Through a shamanic journey experience you will discover your Animal Spirit guide or power animal.  According to the beliefs of the shamanic traditions/indigenous peoples, all things in nature are fully sentient and conscious beings.   Many traditions acknowledge that a person is born with a specific power animal that is their healer, guide and lifelong protector.  Often there is a strong similarity between you and your power animal, you share certain traits.  It can be really fun and interesting to make these connections! When you know your power animal you come to understand your strengths and weaknesses and make the most of your natural abilities.  As you develop this relationship with your power animal, you are brought to a place of deeper connection with yourself and receive the benefit of the healing and protective qualities of your animal spirit with you always. 

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen.  Some people may find it easier to have an eye covering such as a bandana if you have never journeyed before.

Later Event: September 22
Exploring Karma