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Meditation with Parvati Sundari

If you want your life to stay the same and you resist inner change,  this meditation is NOT for you.

If you’re looking for a meditation where you empty the mind or a meditation that is solemn and lacks fun, then this also is NOT for you.

If you’re looking for a way to grow, or to let go of pockets of pain and suffering, and be liberated from the past, if your mind drives you crazy with constant activity, then these sessions ARE DEFINITELY FOR YOU!

This meditation will be dynamic and will help inspire, transform and uplift you – assisting you to embody the AUTHENTIC, SHINING, REAL YOU! Your heart will open and you will come to truly celebrate your existence.

Using all the time-honoured techniques, such as breathing, visioning and chanting, along with some new vibrant mindfulness techniques, the True Self you always knew existed can be revealed.

Come on…..I dare you!

Offered by heartfelt contribution.CASH please.  Do not need to Register.

Parvati Sundari is a Master Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapist and spiritual coach. She is a senior Teacher with Shanti Mission in Australia. As a sacred musician she facilitates transformation through the use of Divine sound and mantra. Her passion is helping others uncover their own beauty, awakening to their magnificence and power of self-healing. Her love of life, and faith in humanity shines through her vibrant expression of joy. She brings a profound capacity to merge into Unity as a channel for divine healing and inspiration. She is gifted proponent of the Western Mysteries with a deep connection to the natural world, honoring the Divine as nature, and is at the forefront of animal healing.

Later Event: September 22
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