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Reiki Master/Teacher Certification with Sierra

 12 weeks Aug 15th to Nov 9th Tues and Thurs 6-9pm  (one week mid-break) 

Pre-Req: Reiki II

The Reiki Master program is an intense twelve week course of study that takes you on a journey of personal exploration and transformation. This course provides the attunements and knowledge to become an accomplished Reiki Master with all necessary skills to teach all levels of Usui Reiki, including the Master level. I designed this course in a way to ensure that those who receive Reiki Masters Certification with me can truly feel confident in their education and skills, so they feel ready to offer Reiki in a professional setting. Much more information and practical training is offered in this course than other traditional classes, such as how to raise your vibration, methods of purification, setting sacred space, protecting your own energy field (and your clients), all aspects of starting, maintaining and advertising for your own business. There is a large focus on supervised practice as well as case studies and homework, both are requirements to receive certification. 

The fee for the class is a pre-pay of $1000 (that is less than $100 per week!) Or choose to pay weekly at $120. Price includes an enormous binder of class information, William Rand Reiki Master manual, and a professional sealed certificate suitable for framing. 

Did you know that this MASTER class is SO COMPREHENSIVE that in EVERY class Sierra has offered at least 1-2 REIKI MASTER CERTIFIED students will participate to gain the training and confidence they are looking for in a training program?!

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