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Spiritual Mastery II with Maitreya and Sada


  • Sat, Jun 17, 201710:00am
    Sun, Jun 18, 20175:00pm

2 day seminar Sat 10am-5pm & Sun 9:30-5pm

Learn the rules of the game of Life!
The twelve spiritual laws are part of the fabric of creation itself. We cannot avoid them, so we need to learn to understand and embrace them. When we start to work with the Law of the Universe, the Universe starts to work with us and then anything is possible!

Prerequisites: All Stage 1 and 2 seminars: Ignite Your Spirit 1 & 2; Empowering Relationships 1 & 2; Yoga of the Mind; and Dimensions of Wealth, Spiritual Mastery I
This is a Stage Three seminar.

The standard Spiritual Mastery seminar is valued at $350. For this priceless opportunity we ask that you donate in accordance with your financial means and integrity