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Animal Reiki Certification

The Animal Reiki Certification is perfect for people who wish to use Reiki to bring healing and comfort for their animal companions and those who are ready to incorporate animal healing as part of their professional healing practice . You will develop in your intuition and animal communication skills and you will learn specialized techniques that offer enormous increase in the successful outcomes in your healings. There will be a large focus on  supervised practice with a comprehensive variety of different animal species. Day one will include  lecture and practice time on special animal guests at the center. Day two will include a field trip to Rowanwood Farm in Newtown to allow for a wider range of species in our available in this program.

Topics included in this course:

  • How Reiki with animals differs from Reiki with people
  •  How to share Reiki with animals both on and off the body
  •  How to allow an animal to determine his or her own preferences in a Reiki session
  • Tips and tools for sharing Reiki with different species
  •  How to structure an animal Reiki session
  •  Ethics and safety when sharing Reiki with animals
  •  Extensive hands-on practice sharing Reiki with animals: Incl. every species of domestic pets, and assortment of livestock, and wildlife
  • Animal chakras and Reiki
  • Reiki to support terminally ill and end-of-life transitions
  •  Using Reiki to connect with animals in the spirit world
  • How to incorporate sacred sound and mantra for healing
  •  Receive energy activations for animal healing
  • Clearing meditations to help you gain confidence and clarity as an animal healer

Prerequisite: Reiki Level I

Sat Sept 23nd 9am-7pm
Sun Sept 24th 9am-2pm

Cost: $275.00

For Sat: Please bring a snack (and lunch if you prefer not to go out) for saturday. Dress comfortably. Bring notebook and pen. 
For sun: You MUST bring a bag lunch (sorry no fridge). Wear appropriate farm attire and shoes appropriate for mud on the farm.  Bring notebook and pen. 

About the Teachers:

Sierra North has extensive animal experience in a myriad of animal careers and healing, including:

  • Over 10 years as a companion animal veterinary technician
  •  Over 10 years as a wildlife technician at a federally permitted wildlife sanctuary
  •  Over 15 years experience in dog training, including competitive dog sports
  • Over 15 years experience in Reiki healing for animals and animal communication
  •  Over 10 years experience as a Reiki Master/Teacher

Theresa Jankowski is a gifted animal healing practitioner and brings a wide variety of healing techniques to this course. Her qualifications include:

  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  •  Extensive knowledge in crystal healing
  •  SARA (shelter animal Reiki association) Certified
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