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Crystal Awareness with Raym & Chicchan

SO...Think you know crystals? Come and take your knowledge to a deeper level with Chicchan, an incredible crystal healer traveling here from Australia. 

This one day course introduces you to crystals and their energy. In a fun hands on learning experience, we will look at: How crystals are formed and types of crystal. Preparing self and space before using crystals. Selecting, cleansing and programming crystals. Where crystal knowledge comes from. Types of quartz, rainbows in quartz, sacred geometry, yin and yang quartz, Isis, Dow, window, channelling crystals, double terminators, lasers, record keepers and phantoms. Crystals for meditation, personal crystals, wearing crystals and crystals in the home. The seven major bodily energy centres or chakras, their purpose and how different crystals affect them. Observing and feeling different crystals, using your intuition to sense their purpose. Crystal chakra meditation with crystals and crystal singing bowl music. Use of crystals to ease physical pain, (e.g. period pains) remember dreams, release stress, create harmony, neutralise electronic interference (computers) and much more. This course has been developed by Chicchan who works with crystals and vibrational sound healing, with pure quartz crystal singing bowls. It is both a standalone course and a foundation for the next two days teaching. Your course facilitator Chicchan is a qualified Crystal Dreaming teacher. 

This course is a prerequisite for Crystal Dreaming practitioner training course over the next two days. 

One day foundation course $210
A non refundable deposit of $105 secures your place 

Must register with BOTH with Muktinath and with Raym directly.