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Advanced Crystal Dreaming

Advanced Crystal Dreaming

Deeper into the mystery

This course will open the doorways of your own perceptions and abilities to work in an altered state alone, safely and without assistance.

Using just one crystal you will practice entering an altered state alone, working with both your own team and that of your client.

You will learn how to apply the Crystal Dreaming techniques you are already practising and which you know well on your client while you are in an altered state and your client is not.

You will learn how to clear spaces and clients without the need for clients to enter an altered state or for you to be at the space. You will also learn remote viewing and absentee healing.

You will learn how to “track” a client in an altered state whilst another practitioner guides them through a Crystal Dreaming journey. We willalso discuss channelling, practice mediumship and accessing the Akashic records.

You will need to bring your own special crystal for this course, a high vibrational Dow, Channelling, Isis, a clear quartz sphere that you can easily hold are recommended. Raym can bring a limited number for purchase given advanced notice.

This advanced course is suited only to practitioners who enter an altered state easily who have been practising for at least one year 

You will be totally familiar with the Crystal Dreaming technique and have experienced challenging sessions as outlined in Alchemy of Crystals.


MUST REGISTER with BOTH with Muktinath and with Raym directly.

Earlier Event: June 8
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