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Special Healing Clinic for Alleviation of Pain

We all suffer with physical pain- some of us infrequently, and some of us as a regular part of life. Pain, like everything else in creation is energy, which can often be shifted when one knows how to work with energy.  

If you are experiencing either acute or chronic pain situations, we invite you to register for our Ignite Your Spirit Therapy (IYS) healing clinic. IYS healing is a hands free modality that is complementary to all other health and medical modalities. We assess your issues and use highly refined energy medicine to assist you in alleviating your pain, opening you to more freedom in your life. Healing sessions will take approximately 20 minutes each.

When: Sunday, June 4 2017 at 12 midday. For ease of clinic management, please arrive by 11:40am

This clinic is offered by heartfelt contribution.