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Meditation: Opening the Heart to more Blazing Self with Parvati Sundari


The capacity for the heart to love is endless, and with each expansion of our hearts our spirits blaze more and more. Sometimes we meet blockages to love, fears that hold us back from stretching into more love. This requires that we have faith and be courageous, utilising the help offered by the great beings that surround us at all times, to step though our resistance into more love than we’ve ever imagined- and more authentic blaze than we could ever dream.
This meditation runs over two weeks and participation in either will be uplifting and affirming. Participation in both sessions will be uplifting, affirming and deeply transformative- revealing more Truth, Consciousness and Bliss.

All levels of meditators, all light workers, and all spiritually interested people welcome!

Suggested Donation $20. Registration not required.