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Winter Solstice Ceremony (Raising the Light Quotient)

Please join us for a beautiful Winter Solstice Ceremony and celebration of the transition from darkness to light. We honor the changing of the light outside of us as a reflection of the changes of the light within us. We will meditate together with the intention of raising to a higher light quotient. Light Quotient is the amount of Light energy available that you maintain in your energy field. Light energy is increased by your ability to sustain a connection to the higher realms of consciousness. The light quotient is our ability to hold light, to hold consciousness, in a stable manner. As we raise our vibration, our ability to relate-to and resonate with higher energies and a higher reality, we must raise our ability to anchor this vibration and expand our consciousness.  Without this ability, we can reach peaks and valleys in our vibration, but never stabilize the new level of consciousness permanently in our life.