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Enjoy a day of festivities offering many exciting ways of exploring your spiritual nature.  Celebrate our GRAND OPENING of our NEW LOCATION!

This special day will feature a gorgeous satsang MUSICAL MEDITATION with our beloved Australian friend's Maitreya and Sada, a Despacho Ceremony by Radhe Sierra and Sri Devi, an afternoon program to jump feet first into creating more FREEDOM in your life and walk a special LABYRINTH.


Opening satsang MUSICAL MEDITATION at 9:30am with Maitreya and Sada. Satsangs are filled with music, mantra, meditation, spiritual instruction/discourse and spiritual blessings (a form of powerful energetic healing) to help you reset, recharge and get ready for the week. 

DESPACHO CEREMONY at 11:30am with Radhe Sierra and Sri Devi. Despacho arises from the Q'ero peoples of South America as an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. We share our heartfelt joy and gratitude for all that we have in our lives and make way for even more of the goodness that life has to offer. Remember…best way to ensure the flow of abundance is through the act of blessing others. This ceremony is an amazing opportunity to call forth more love, joy, peace, and abundance into your life than you can even dream possible.

Light lunch and tea 12pm.

MUKTINATH FINDING FREEDOM with Maitreya, Sada, and Radhe Sierra at 1pm. 

Learn more about the spiritual journey that Sierra took in the Himalayas of Nepal (with Maitreya and Sada), following the path  Padmesembhava, the second Buddha, took bringing Buddhism to Tibet. The final destination of the pilgrimage was to a sacred temple at the top of the mountain Muktinath. Muktinath is said to bring liberation and freedom from the binds of our karma. It is said if you bathe in the water at the temple you clear the karma of not only yourself, but your entire family, for seven generations forwards and backwards.  The healing of this sacred place is the gift that Sierra was called to bring back to the community in the form of Muktinath Holistic Center. In this special program there will be a special cleansing meditation and blessing to clear the blocks created by karma and create FREEDOM in your own life!

All day long there is opportunity to walk a sacred Labyrinth created with the intention of anchoring FREEDOM and HAPPINESS for all beings. Also 10 minute healings will be available by many of our amazing practitioners! 

Please Join us for this special day!!!






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