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Crystal Awareness

SO...Think you know crystals? Come and take your knowledge to a deeper level.

This one day course introduces you to crystals and their energy. In a fun hands on learning experience, we will look at:

  • How crystals are formed and types

  • Preparing self and space before using crystals

  • Selecting, cleansing and programming crystals for home and work

  • Origins of crystal healing

  • Types of quartz (rainbows in quartz, sacred geometry, yin and yang quartz, Isis, Dow, window, channeling crystals, double terminators, lasers, record keepers and phantoms)

  • Crystals relationship to the chakras

  • Developing Intuition with crystals

  • Crystal chakra meditation with crystals and crystal singing bowl music.

  • Use of crystals to ease physical pain, remember dreams, ease stress, create harmony, neutralize electronic interference and much more.

This course is both a stand alone workshop and a prerequisite for the Crystal Dreaming practitioner training course.

Offered by Sierra. One day foundation course $210.