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Empowering Relationships II

Sat Feb17th and Sun Feb 18th 9:30am-5pm

Empowering Relationships is an eye-opening, jaw-dropping seminar about relationships: both those we have with others and those we have with ourselves. Over the course of two seminars (ER1 and ER2), we start to understand why people behave the way they do in relationships. We learn simple tools to break the patterns that repeat in our life, including bullying and poor communication. We learn how we often hold the key within to transforming even the most challenging and tricky relationships in our lives. Instead of fearing conflict, we start to see it as something that can be navigated with skill and grace such that it brings us back into a honeymoon phase of more intimacy, love, respect and trust.

The practical and useful tools and the knowledge in these seminars is the sort of things that should be taught in schools! If everyone practiced the skills and tools taught in this seminar - both at home and in the society - people's hearts would be ever opening; compassion, understanding and mutual respect would be the norm and life would generally be more relaxed and happy. That is true empowerment!

This seminar has transformed people's lives and their ability to get along with others.

Prerequisites: Empowering Relationships
This is a Stage One seminar. 

Offered by Tori (Svaha) and Bernard (Manjushri).
Price: $285

Scholarships may be available
Re-sitting is offered by donation. 

If you are a genuine spiritual seeker who cannot afford the course fee, you are invited to apply to Shanti Mission for either a full or partial scholarship to access these priceless and life changing seminars. We can assist you in this process. 

Later Event: February 26