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Healing for the Heart- Forgiveness

Join us for a group healing/meditation led by Svaha and Manjushri. They are trained energetic healers in Ignite Your Spirit a no touch energetic healing modality. This modality works thru the etheric body (aura and chakras) to effect mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. By using release commands and affirmations we will move stale and stuck energy, thought forms that are limiting, judgments and fears that keep us in a place of unforgiveness. When we allow ourselves to forgive we open our heart more than we ever thought possible and this allows love to grow. Forgiveness is not condoning what someone has done; it is releasing us so that we are able to move forward into more love and compassion for ourselves and others. It is removing the heaviness of resentment, sadness, grief and other emotions that are the result of events that happened in the past so that we can more easily move forward in our lives.

The group healing/meditation will be approximately 1 hour + 15 min.

Svaha and Manjushri have studied energetic healing since 2012 with Shanti (Peace) Mission – A School for the Soul - in Australia. They are licensed teachers and certified Ignite Your Spirit Therapists within Shanti Mission. They are compassionate, powerful and intuitive energy healers.